When an artist believes in themselves and their goals, when they are persistent and infinitely creative, nothing can elude them, just like my interviewee, an artist of a wide spectrum, a painter of exceptional talent and expression, Tanja Marinković Jokić, who carried her gift and sensitivity for the value of life from her native Serbia to world metropolises where she fulfills the mission of an artist! Tanja completed her degree in English Philology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, and soon her inspired spirit led her to London, where she spent 2 years perfecting her English language skills. Then, she traveled to Paris, the City of Light, where she enrolled in Psychology studies at Sorbonne, as well as Sophrology studies at the Dr. Allfonso Caycedo Institute.

In Paris, she lived for 27 years, working at a law firm until the call of adventure and the magic of life led her to new horizons. She chose the USA and the beautiful state of Florida, where she currently lives and works.

In what way did the love for art speak to you? Since when has your life been turned towards painting?

A few years ago, when the world fell into depression, I realized that the only way out is through love and art. I’m talking about art that vibrates with happiness and joy, helping the brain release the necessary serotonin and endorphins to fight for the Light in this daunting battle between good and evil. That’s when I realized that my mission is in painting because that’s the only way I can help, first myself, and then others. Of course, God had and still has the final word in this, as I spread colors on the canvas with His help while He speaks to me through beautiful messages, encouraging me to keep going.

What techniques do you use, do you have a favorite one?

I am a contemporary artist, specializing in Fluid Media. Fluid art techniques allow me to fully embrace the power of colors and their impact on our feelings and emotions. I am not just a creator but also a ‘tool’ through which the most beautiful forms come to life with a message from above.

I am constantly inspired by the vibrations of colors and the magic they produce while interacting and dancing together. This gives me the power to recharge my energy, to heal and overcome any obstacles on my path, while the joy of my paintings elevates my vibrations to the highest level. My art liberates and helps me express the Divine that we all have within ourselves. I would say that I paint my life with heart and soul, with His help.

What feelings do you most often infuse into your paintings?

Love and joy are the two key emotions that are the main ingredients of my soul and guide me every time I start to create something new. I have an immense desire within me for all people to feel love and joy, and that has always been my guiding star. And whenever I start to create, I feel with my whole soul that my hand is guided by God.

Your creativity, the talent for the dialogue of colors, lead us into the secrets of your paintings, each of which is a new story in itself. Who is the driving force behind your life’s inspirations and your creativity, the strength and power to open the doors of the world and sprinkle light on everything you do?

God has always had a significant place in my life, giving it meaning since I was born, and I have been building an increasingly close relationship with Him, going through tremendous storms and labyrinths that life threw at me while spiritually growing and raising two children on my own. He had the final say because He pulled me up from the bottom whenever I felt like I was falling and had no strength to continue. I believe He deserves credit for my creativity as a rescue because He bestowed it upon me as a tool against everything that wasn’t Him.

Creativity has always been intertwined with my life because I am an eternal lover of the beauty of nature and colors. Creativity has also saved me and rescued me from low vibrational moments. Inspiration always came to me when my soul longed for God, who has been a part of my life since I became aware of myself. This manifested through writing essays, poetry, painting, creating jewelry from semi-precious stones, and a perpetual love and optimism that I wanted to share with those who needed it. I wanted to ‘share and give.’ That has always fulfilled me.

When a painting emits energy and vibration, we get to know the artist better and their ability to share them. Do you feel other energies, can they influence you and lead you into your dream realm?

I have always had the power to feel energy, its vibration. My energy receptors are very strong. Here’s an example. I met my current husband like that, remotely, feeling the vibration of his soul through poetry, without knowing his appearance and real name. For me, he was called Polar, and I was Anja-Maza…

This happened on the famous Serbian Cafe, intended for the diaspora, in the ‘poetry’ section. Love was born through writing poems to each other, and I like to say that it has adorned our lives with our rhymes exactly 14 years ago. Love on the Los Angeles – Paris route. After 3 weeks, our souls were completely in love. Then came his final arrival in 3 weeks and our wedding in Paris after 9 months from the first verse.

How important is aesthetics in conveying messages and emotions?

Aesthetics, as the science of art and beauty, has always been one of the most significant and necessary components of life for me. It comes directly from God and is found in everything He has created and surrounds us with. Just by looking at flowers, serotonin levels increase, thereby healing a wounded soul. Aesthetics has the power of healing because it is God’s expression and is given to us for the purpose of healing. We should all keep in mind the saying: ‘Medicine heals, but God cures’! So, aesthetics, for me, is the high-vibration harmony of colors on the canvas, full of the artist’s emotions, and as such, it is a direct transmission of happiness and satisfaction to the viewer.

Where do you most often exhibit your paintings, and how can customers acquire them?

I primarily exhibit at art shows in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, on Instagram, or through people who are familiar with my work and spread the word about them.

Have you had solo exhibitions, and in which cities were they held?

So far, I had a group exhibition in Miami in May of this year, with three artists of Serbian origin, among whom I must mention our famous academic painter, Gordana Nenadović. It was truly an honor for me. I am grateful to God for that opportunity. I haven’t had a solo exhibition yet, but the first one is in the final stages of preparation for November of this year. It will be held in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Then there are plans for Chicago, New York… We’ll see; these are plans, but it will be as my supreme commander, dear Creator, decides, because He is not here to fulfill my wishes but for me to submit to His plans. I have complete, infinite trust in Him.

When did you experience painting as a calling and dedicate yourself to it completely?

Besides my job in a law firm, I used to help people with advice, generously sharing positive energy with them whenever they needed it. And then, in the most hopeless moments of my life, when I first felt the fear of losing freedom (it was on a global scale), I started to paint seriously, even though I had painted before. Something just came out of me, something more. I like to say that God Himself spoke to me through my paintings, wanting to say: ‘Neither I nor anyone else can be harmed if we believe in His love, in the power of nature, and the mighty vibration of colors that simply elevates all low vibrations, lifting us towards Him.’

And that’s when I clearly understood that painting is my mission, my calling. Almost every one of my paintings carries His message and eternal gratitude!

Thank you, Tanja, for the conversation. Do you have a message for our readers?

Thank you, Slavica, and the editorial team of ‘Svet Australia,’ for your attention and space! My wish is for as many people as possible to understand the message of my art and for all people to forget about fear and turn to love and beauty, which is indeed the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, not forgetting what He said: ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life!’ Amen.

Contribution from the eminent painter and professor, Gordana Nenadović, for this interview:

In a time of lies and manipulation, it is a great honor to meet a person with a pure and noble heart like Tanja Jokić. It is well known that the energy of the author is transferred to the painting. On her paintings, you can immediately feel the joy, and it is a pleasure for everyone who has her art in their homes. Besides Tanja’s current style of work, she is an excellent artist in the techniques of watercolor, graphics, and oil on canvas. I look forward to her future successful solo exhibitions. I believe in her high place in the world of art.”

With each new day, comes new strength and new ideas: two artists, Gordana Nenadović and Tanja Jokić.

With the most present forms of beauty and their boundless recognition, creation, and sharing, the richness of colors and light, spirituality, wisdom, faith, enthusiasm, and even magic, both artists, Tanja Jokić and Gordana Nenadović, touch the souls of the viewers. They recognized themselves through ‘belief’ in their artistic works because only the ‘special’ have the gift to perceive artistic treasures that some simply cannot grasp. All artists of the world are woven into ‘belief,’ connected to those who recognize values. Because ‘belief’ is the preciousness on which art rests.


Taken from the portal Interview conducted by Slavica Momaković-Miljanović